Giving Back


Giving Back Mission

     Giving Back is at the heart of AYF’s mission and a principle that every volunteer, administrator, player and sponsor subscribe to. From the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who give selfless hours of their time, to the youth who participate in AYF Community projects to the pro players supporting their AYF communities, “The Circle of Giving Back” represents the AYF mission which is to enhance the lives of our nations youth while enriching their communities.

     Giving Back Programs range from: scholarships for deserving athletes, financial grants to deserving areas; shoe donations to kids pledging to stay in school; field development grants; camps for at-risk kids, recognizing administrators who are making a difference in the AYF Hall of Fame; sponsors donating equipment and apparel to deserving programs, promoting and administering league to league giving, and recognizing member teams and leagues that Give Back to their own communities and NFL pro’s and celebrities giving back to AYF programs.

     AYF is constantly searching for individuals who are committed to supporting the development of youth and their communities by participation in football and cheer. Every penny helps; to consider becoming a donor click here.


     All AYF sponsors are required to participate in AYF Giving Back Initiatives to keep the mission of AYF strong. AYF continues to work with its sponsors and America's leading corporations to lessen the financial barriers that our youth have previously faced. Recently, AYF’s collaboration with Kraft Foods’ to Fight Hunger helped donate 25 million meals to Feeding America. Through these programs, AYF members have shown exemplary Giving Back behavior.

Support Network

     AYF collaborates to create a network of giving back for the football communities to lean on.  With the help of sponsors and partners, AYF has distributed over $15 million in grants, scholarship money, athletic equipment and apparel to deserving member communities. When donations/grants programs become available, AYF works with conference administrators, regional representatives and state diplomats to distribute donations. When grants are available, applications are posted at and details are communicated via the E-Huddle.   


AYF Family Unites

     When disaster strikes in the US or its territories, when an AYF organization has been affected - the AYF family comes together. Leagues have quickly responded by coordinating clothing and water drives, donating equipment, and collecting funds. This is truly symbolic of the AYF mission of Giving Back and the connectedness of the AYF family. Teams looking for donations and equipment or request a donation, may apply at


League of the Year Award

AYF recognizes the member organization that does the most to Give Back each season.


Past winners:

2014-  Southwest Region

2013-  Desert Pacific Region

2012-  New Jersey AYF

2011 -  The Kraft Foods' Huddle to Fight Hunger Giving Back League of the Year Jersey Shore, New Jersey AYF President: Craig Karahuta

2010 - Garden Grove Falcons, Pacific Coast Conference, CA President: Dean Pilaconis

2009 - New Hampshire Youth Football & Spirit Conference President: Rick Pelletier

2008 - The Chandler Youth Football and Cheer League of the Central Arizona Youth Football and Cheer Organization President: Rhett Turner

2006 - Monroe Little Lions, CT

2005 - Palos Verdes Football and Cheer, CA

2004 - End Zone Club, OH

2003- Halifax Youth Football and Cheer, PA


NFL Players Giving Back

     Professional Football Players have a unique opportunity to Give Back and complete the circle of Giving. They can make a difference just by showing up, but these players have done MUCH MORE - and we recognize them for being the ultimate role models in their communities.

******Read about NFL Pros Giving Back.


AYF Hall of Fame

     The Hall of Fame is the greatest honor that AYF can bestow upon a volunteer. AYF reserves the right to name to the Hall of Fame those that have dedicated 25 years or more to their youth football communities. Members of the American Youth Football and Volunteers Hall of Fame are honored for their service to youth. Read about Hall of Fame.


Wall of Honor

     AYF honors individuals, members and non-members alike that go above and beyond by placing them on the AYF Giving Back Wall of Honor.

Past Winners:

•    Mike Taylor - Harvard, Massachusetts •    Steve Smith - Hamilton, Ohio

•    Kevin Tucker - San Diego, Calif.

•    Ron Rabe - Colrain, Ohio

•    Dick Eckert - Louisville, Ky

•    Dean Pliaconis - Torrence, Calif.

•    Jim Turner - Denver, Colo.

•    Steve Haynes - San Diego, Calif.

•    Cris Collinsworth - Ft Mitchell, Ky

•    Howie Long - Charlottesville, Va

•    Jerry Dini - Tucson, AZ

•    Tim Kanavel - Tucson, AZ

•    Richard Hunter - Ann Arbor, MI

•    Joseph Day - Orlando, FL

•    Craig Fraser - Stafford, VA

•    Rikki Kinsfather- San Diego, CA

•    Jim Tressel - Columbus, OH