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PlayAYF is American Youth Football & Cheer's official online registration system and league management platform. The Platform is supported by Sports Illustrated as part of their SIPlay platform, but this is an AYF owned and controlled technology platform, so konw that your data is not being shared with any third parties.




OPRO is the largest mouthguard brand in the world, partnering with over 70 sporting associations around the globe, including the UFC and USA Rugby. OPRO is proud to be a partner of AYF! Visit www.opromouthguards.com to buy your AYF mouthguard.




BAND is a free team/club communication app that is being used by 100,000 coaches in the U.S. alone. By offering powerful team communication features such as read/unread check, poll, signup sheet, and team calendar, BAND helps coaches and managers save time and move their teams forward. Click here to learn more.



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