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The aim of the Italian Federation of American Football is the dissemination and promotion of football and flag football all over the country.

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The Italian Federation of Acrobatic Cheerleading and Dance was established in 2009 to promote, regulate and develop the discipline of acrobatic cheerleading and dance in Italy, while respecting the constitutional principles of legislation, regulations and provisions of the International Federations, the address and directives of the CONI.

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Jefferson Selouan is trying to shape American Football in Brazil. Their program is in Curitiba, with 38 teams, and they are working on educating students about football, equipment, and proper technique. Kids ages 10 – 17 are the focus of this program. They are hoping to expand to Parana, Rio, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.





The Warhawks program gives players from Kitchener, Waterloo, and the region, a local outlet for participation in organized football programs. Warhawks programs are accessible to players aged 5 -14, beginning with Myte, and progressing through Bantam.The mission of House League competition is to promote sportsmanship and fundamental football skills, with a less intense commitment than expected at Rep level.




La asociación de Football más grande de La asociación de Football:

American Youth Football Mexico, is our newest member. Located right outside of Mexico City in Naucalpan de Juárez.




The Los Lobos are located in Merida, Mexico which is on the Yucatan Penisula. The president of the Lobos is a full time misionary for Athletes in Action. Thier goal is to have an American Football Club, with the pourpose to help kids, youth, teens and colege guys, and to inlfuence on thier lives on a positive way.







Israel Football League has now been four years since the dream of tackle football in Israel really took hold. What began as a group of 25 enthusiastic and energetic Sabra athletes playing without pads in the Tel Aviv Sportek has grown exponentially into a thriving community of more than 600 players country-wide, with the demand for and interest in our sport growing stronger every day. It is the unique ability of football to inspire and encourage people to higher levels of personal and professional achievement, growth, maturity, and respect for each other that makes it so rewarding to be involved with in any capacity. Please join us for what promises to be an incredible journey!


Flag American Football in Israel:
American Football in Israel is a non-profit association, which in spring 2004 was granted official recognition as the sport's governing body in Israel by the Ministry of Education's Sports Authority. AFI, which is sponsored by Talk'n'Save, is a member of the International Federation of American Football






Caribbean American Football Federation (CAFF)has taken the lead in support of growing the game of football on the grass roots level. Their teams range in age from 11 through 16, and they have over 41 teams and growing.

Edgar Santiago, of the (CAFF) states, “We are committed to our kids and communities as part of our mission statement to provide them the tools to develop their characters, foment the values within our communities and forge professional and productive individuals to our society.”



El Salvadore


ASFA, We are an sport institution which uses the American Football in El Salvador to teach values to young people, such as humility, responsibility, competence and teamwork, to guide them in their educational, sports and professional careers.

ASFA is in charge of the Salvadorian American Football League (Liga Salvadorean de Football Americano) on the following categories:
- American Youth Football El Salvador (Ages from 8 to 17)
- Female Flag Football League 8v8 (18 years old and above)
- Male American Football League 11v11 (18 years old and above)

Roberto Cerna
ASFA President
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Guam National Youth Football Federation. Since being a U.S. proletariat, Guam’s citizens have had an interest in American football. With a lack of organization and help the sport dwindled on a youth level, but has lately been back on the rise with the help of the AYF and local torchbearer, Fred Tupaz. Fred grew up playing youth football in Guam himself and wanted to bring back the culture and community atmosphere it inspired. “Game day is an all-day affair, here,” Tupaz said. “You get entire families who bring their canopies, supporting their kids throughout the day in the games. It really brings people together.” Despite being able to attract over 1,000 people to each game, challenges were still faced to get the program onto its feet. Tupaz noted that American football “had originally died down because it’s very expensive to play here.” The AYF helped them lower the rates on equipment and manage their organization. “Hooking up with the AYF was perfect, because we wanted to mirror the system put together by these guys. They helped us get insurance and will be a resource to help us get back into the international arena.”

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Panama AYF. Our mission is to create a League whose purpose is to instruct our youth in the skills of Football where they can play, have fun, and make friends without fear of discrimination; where their "Dreams Begin"; and where all participating teams have an equal opportunity to develop and improve their abilities in an environment that encourages teamwork, individual excellence, mutual respect, and a love for the game of football.






Future Pro American Sports is located outside of Frankfurt in Hanau, Germany. JR Holland is the president of the Future Pro American Sports Federation (FPASF) and The International Amateur American Sports Federation (IAASF) in Germany. He and his colleagues have taken it upon themselves to organize local football leagues. “It started when I saw how many kids idolized the NFL,” said Holland. With that in mind I wanted to show them what teamwork in the NFL is all about.”

Starting with just flag football the league was growing in popularity, but needed some additional assistance and inspiration. "That’s where American Youth Football and Cheer came in to help. “If we need guidance the AYF is there to help us handle the situation,” Holland said. “It’s important to have a partner to communicate with and to help us make sure that the kids get an understanding of what the sport is all about.”



International is a concept developed by AYF USA directed at growing the sport of American Football in Latin America. The goal is to bring the same experience and dedication to countries in Latin America who are in need of an international partner with the experience in developing organizations.

AYF Latin America will develop the sport throughout the region while creating International events that allow teams the opportunity to savor the excitement of international competition. With interest from countries such as:
• Mexico
• Brazil

• Honduras
• Uruguay
• Costa Rica
• Salvador



AYF Samoa was the first youth football organization ever in Samoa. The program has doubled in size in only three years and has been featured on CBS 60 minutes. You can see Troy Palumalu in the picture above with the AYFS Steelers.





The Riga Mad Dogs, from Latvia, are the latest to join the growing ranks of American Youth Football. Log in and like them on Facebook at

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AYF International looks to the future with bright eyes understanding there is much to be done and everything to be accomplished.