AYF/AYC is divided in to 8 regions. These regions are designed to faciliatate communication between local member organizations within the region. Regions also host regional qualifiers, for members who are interested in intermural play and whose organizations that have expressed interest in playing with a view to participating in the American Youth Football & Cheer National Championships as well as the All-Star Game. Listed below are national tournament conferences, which are members who have opted in to intermural competition, whose ambitions include participating in the National Championship tournament.



Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina


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Region Staff

Atlantic Region Chairman: Travis Scott
Atlantic Cheer Director: Kelly Frazier
Atlantic Region Vice Chairman: Kim Cherry
Delaware State Chair: Rob Disharoon
Maryland State Co-Chairs: Kim Cherry & Brian Hawkins
Virginia State Co-Chairs: Eric Heltzel - Ralph Moore - Ron Irving - Ken Gantt & Carla Garrett
North Carolina State Co-Chairs: Moe Evans - Reggie Ellerbe - Lee Leavelle & Zach Cromartie
South Carolina State Chair: OPEN

Support Staff

Certification Coordinators: Danyel Lewis & Sequoia Jackson
Atlantic Region Commissioners: Rodney Cooper - Sterling Collins - Brian Cobbs
Motivations: Kerry Moore
Webmaster: David Lamberton

National Championship Conferences:
● Piedmont AYF & Cheer (NC)
● Greater Charlotte AYF (NC)
● East Carolina AYF (NC)
● Greater Triangle AYF & Cheer (NC)
● Hampton Roads AYF & Cheer (VA)
● Central Virginia AYF (VA)
● Northern Virginia AYF & Cheer (VA)
● SW Virginia AYF (VA)
● Virginia AYF Alliance (VA)
● The Metro (MD)
● Southern Maryland AYF (MD)
● Delmarva (DEL)



Big East


New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Northern Maryland, West Virginia



Region Staff

Chairman: Lou Montanaro
Vice Chairman: Mike Keys
Cheer Director: Tina Certo
Football Operations Staff: Greg Libertino - Bob Coates - Milton Carroll - Willis Thomas

New York State Chair: Greg Libertino
New Jersey State Chair: Vacant
Pennsylvania State Chair: Corrie Brown
Northern Maryland State Chair: Mike Keys
West Virginia State Chair: TBA

National Championship Conferences:

● NJAYF - Jersey Shore

● Greater NJ AYF

● Taconic Youth Football and Cheer

● Pennsylvania Elite AYF

● Team Maryland AYF

● Garden State AYF

● Capital Beltway League

● Bayside Conference

● Upstate NY AYF/AYC

● Central NY Elite AYF

● Western Pennsylvania - Pittsburg AYF


Desert Mountain


Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada


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Region Staff

Chairman: James McKinney

Vice Chairman: Ben Joffe
Cheer Director: Brenda Dittilo
Academic Director: Brianna Stracener

Certification Secretary: Margie Nelson

Social Media Director: Justin Phelps

State Diplomats:

Arizona: Jason Gourley

Texas: Melissa Leach

National Championship Conferences

●  San Diego AYF Conference

●  Badlands AYF El Paso

●  Inland Valley Youth Football & Cheer Conference

●  Pacific Coast Conference

●  Phoenix AYF

●  Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation

●  Flagstaff

●  Morenci Valley

●  Yuma

●  Las Vegas

●  Pac West

●  Kings Conference




States: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin


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Region Staff

Chairman: Ralph Moore 
Vice Chairman: William W. Tandy
Cheer Director: Teresa Parham
Scholastics : Michelle Franklin

National Championship Conferences
● Chicago AYF
● Chicago Unlimited AYF
● Cleveland Muny Youth Football And Cheer
● North Coast Youth Football Conference
● Indianapolis American Youth Football
● Greater Fort Wayne American Youth Football
● Kentucky AYFC
● Michigan Youth Football League
● Western Michigan American Youth Football
● Lansing Football League
● South Western Michigan Youth Football
● Will Cook AYF
●  St. Louis American Youth Football


Big West

States: California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam




Region Staff:
Regional Chairman:  Lawrence Lee
Regional Vice Chairman:  Ranon Ross
Regional Director Of Football Operation:  Jovon Holloway
Regional Cheer Director:  Deb Spreewell
Regional Asst Cheer Director:  Michon
● San Diego Youth Football & Cheer
● King Conference
● Auburn River
● Thurston County
● Greater Seattle
● Portland
● Norcal Youth Football & Cheer
● Norcal Federation
● Greater Northwest
● Desert Valley Youth Football
● Socal Nfc



New England

States:Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut


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Region Staff

Chairman: Buzz Labbe
Vice Chairman: Tim Whitcomb Cheer Director: Keesha Dickey

National Championship Conferences

●  Blackstone Valley Youth Football and Cheerleading

●  Central Massachusetts AYF

●  Connecticut Youth Football and Cheer

●  New Hampshire Youth Football and Spirit

●  Baystate Youth Football and Cheerleading

●  Connecticut Youth Spirit

●  Dual County Tri Valley

●  Shoreline Youth Football

●  Queen City





Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi


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Region Staff

Regional Chairman: Don Lipari
Vice region chairman Jermaine Hudson
Football Commissioner: Steve Gulash
Cheer Director: Nichole Brodsky
Asst. Cheer Director: Nacoe Scott & Haley Caroline
Book Administrative: Jen Barclay
Book Admin Asst. Nichole Brodsky & Peggy Cortez
Alabama Delegate: Jim Lewis
Georgia Delegate: Jermaine Hudson
Board Member: Frank Gargett
Board Member: Gary Harris
Social Media: Brandy Stephen

National Championship Conferences

● Central Florida Youth Football League (FL)
● Florida Youth Football Conference (FYFL Miami)
● Manatee YMCA Youth Football League
● Unity Youth Football Conference (Tampa)
● Pac 12 (Georgia)
● Big Peach Youth Football Conference (GA)
● Gulf Coast Youth Football and Cheer (Panhandle FL)

● First Coast Football & Cheer (Jacksonville)
● South Florida NYFL
● Tri-County Glades (FL)
● East Alabama Youth Football & Cheer (AL)
● Big Bend (Tallahassee, FL)





Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Region Staff

Chairman: L. E. Chamberlain
Region Cheer Director: Karen Luera
Vice Chairman Joyce G. Sinnette
Executive Director of Operations: Earl Lee
Executive Director of Risk Management: Harold E. Gilliard, Sr.

Deputy Director of Athletics: BJ Green
Deputy Director of Cheer Dance Step: Karen Luera
Deputy Director of Risk Management: Richard Hamilton
Cheer Compliance Director: Stacey Bailiff
Football Compliance Director: Joe Menjares
Scholastic Director: Jessica Vander Hagen
Social Media Coordinator: Richard Hamilton

State Chairmen:
Arkansas Chairman: Derwin Harris, Sr.
Louisiana Chairman: BJ Green
Oklahoma Chairman: Earl Lee
Texas Chairman: Robert Taylor

National Championship Conferences
● Houston AYF
● Greater San Antonio AYF
● Central Texas AYF
● Middle Rio Grande AYF
● East Texas AYF
● New Orleans AYF
● Vernon AYF
● Shreveport AYF
● Many AYF
● Bryan College Station AYF
● NTX United AYF