American Youth Football & Cheer is centered around community and at its core is the Circle of Giving. Giving Back is a motto and a creed, whether its helping other members in the wake of natural disasters, by donating money, equipement or holiday presents, to families affected, in the aftermath of hurrican Sandy, or donating equipment to to leagues througout the world in an effort to expand the game of football, AYF members help those within and outside the organization.

Hall of Fame

The Ameircan Youth Football Hall of Fame, honors those volunteers who have been active in youth football and or cheer, as a coach, volunteer or administrator for a minimum of 25 years. Each year inductees are introduced at the annual Hall of Fame Ceremony, which is a part of the National Championship festivities.

Join us in honoring and celebrating those who have dedicated so much of themselves to better our youth, our communities and the game of football.

View past Hall of Fame Classes.

Attendees and guest speakers at the Hall of Fame have included, Pro Football Hall of Fame members, Tim Brown and Mike Ditka, NFL alumni, and NFL Director of Football Development Matt Birk, former first round draft pick and NFL and CFL alumni, Tom Cousineau, Jerry Horowitz Director of Youth Development for the NFL , NFL Alumni and the NFL's Director of Youth & High School football Roman Oben, former NFL great Lavar Arrington Executive Director of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith.

"Giving of One's time to the youth of America is the most significant charity of all." - unknow

Our Community

Celebrating the accomplishments of our programs from throughout the country and the world.










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